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About Daniel Forster

Daniel Forster is a Photographer who specializes in Fine Art Landscape and Nature photography. His work has won multiple awards and been published and was made the cover photo of Landscape Photography Magazine in 2023.

From an early age, he was drawn to creativity, yet opportunities to embrace and explore it were rare. Life, as it does, steered him along a different path, and for many years, his desire to create remained just a whisper in the back of his mind. It wasn’t until about five years ago that circumstances aligned, granting him the time and opportunity to rekindle this passion. Photography, a long-held interest, became the medium through which he began to explore this renewed creative drive.

The merging of his passion to create and exploring nature has become a perfect outlet for creating and sharing his passion with others. Much of Daniel’s life has been spent supporting his family by working in the corporate world. He exited corporate America in 2020 and has now been able to commit more time creating, teaching photography and exploring this beautiful world we live in.

The majestic landscapes of Colorado served as the perfect canvas for his artistic exploration. With a camera in hand and an explorer’s heart, he ventured into the vast and varied terrains of this beautiful region. It was a revelation to discover how much he enjoyed capturing moments and sceneries and crafting images that resonated so deeply with others. Gradually, his photography evolved from a hobby to something more, as people began to display my work on their walls, showing their appreciation for its artistic quality.

This unexpected twist in his journey has been nothing short of a blessing. Over the years, as he traversed through the many stunning parts of Colorado, his photography skills have not only sharpened but also garnered some acclaim. The sale of fine art prints and calendars to a growing base of thousands of customers was a milestone he had never anticipated, yet it stands as a testament to the positive reception his work has received.

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  • Grand Prize Winner, Cover Photo, Finalist and Honorable Mention awards, 2023 Calendar Photo Contest, Discover Colorado Springs

  • Cover Photo - Colorado Springs Lifestyle Magazine, December 2023

  • Grand Prize Winner and Finalist award, Cover Photo, 2022 Calendar Photo Contest, Discover Colorado Springs

  • The Gazette, Best of the Springs, Silver Medalist Best Fine Arts Photographer 2022

  • Cover Photo - Landscape Photography Magazine September 2023 Issue 145

  • Published in Landscape Photography Magazine, Issue 132 February 2022, Issue 130 December 2021, Issue 123 May 2021

  • Cover Photo - Colorado Springs Lifestyle Magazine, December 2022

  • Cover Photo - Colorado Springs Lifestyle Magazine, April 2022

  • Featured Artist 2022, Fusion Art

  • Visit Colorado Springs Travel Guide 2022

  • Best in Show, 7th Annual Landscapes Art Exhibition 2022, Fusion Art

  • 2nd Place, 6th Artist Choice Art Exhibition 2021, Fusion Art

  • Photo of the Day - Outdoor Photographer Magazine - Dec 14th, 2022, Nov 7th, 2022

Daniel Forster Colorado Landscape and Nature Photographer
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